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Consolidating your super funds

You wouldn't pay multiple fees on anything else, so why pay them on your super?

Many people have more than one super fund without realising that they're probably paying multiple sets of fees. This can make a big difference to your super balance over time, slowly eating away at your returns. By combining all of your super funds into one super account, you'll pay just one simple, all-inclusive fee.

In addition, consolidating your super and having one ...

SMSF in purchasing proprty

What is a SMSF?

A self-managed super fund is a micro superannuation fund established for between 1-4 people which is controlled by directors/trustees who are also members of the fund, and can decide where the funds will be invested. SMSF's are not a new idea and have been around for some time. However, it wasn't until September 2007 that they were permitted to actually borrow money to invest in property. 

What type of people does a SMSF ...

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Upcoming Events

Here is a list of our upcoming seminars;

Buying Property in your Super (Sydney CBD) - REGISTER HERE

6th Feb | Starting at 6pm (1.5 hours) | Sydney CBD

Come and learn the strategy of how to buy property in your super safely. In this seminar, our experts will cover off the following;

  • What is an SMSF? How do you set it up?
  • What are the costs?
  • What are the risks / benefits?
  • What strategies can you use in your super?


Buying Property ...