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Free up Cash for Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner, there is no time like the present to look at restructuring your finances to improve cash flow not only for the festive season but the years ahead.

There have been substantial movements in fixed rates in recent months with some 2 year fixed rates from as low as 5.29% on residential loan facilities and 5.00% for 1 year fixed on commercial loan facilities.

Give Danny or Sandra a call to discuss a ...

Invest for Success

While it's hard to predict where the housing market will head beyond 2012, there are some clear signals that investing in property will remain a solid option for long-term wealth generation - and now is a great time to buy.

One of the key factors to consider is the demand for housing. Right now, Australia faces a housing shortage, with home ownership on the decline and renting on the rise. While some argue it's partly due to people marrying ...

Home Loans - Best January to Date

Investors are coming out in force again, with mortgage broker company Australian Finance Group (AFG) processing more home loans last month than any January before.

The AFG mortgage index shows the company processed $2.2 billion of home loans, a massive 24 per cent more than in January 2012.

Not surprisingly, the strongest demand was from two of the strongest states at the moment, Western Australia ($583 million) and New South Wales ($569 million).

General manager of sales and operations ...

What to consider when buying property?

With some much information in the market place - it can sometimes be confusing and overwhelming when buying a property. In times like these it is important to go back to the basic fundamentals of buying property. 

We have attached an e-book written by Ark Total Wealth which looks at the process, affordability and what you really want.

Just click on the image below to download. 

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The property valuation plays a vital role in your finance application, particularly when property values shift.

When a lenders credit team processes your home loan application, their main objective is to assess for risk. First they want to establish your ability to meet the repayments for the term of the loan. Second, they assess the property as a saleable asset. So as a fallback, what is the property value and how much could it be sold for?

The property ...

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First home owners grant

How first home owners grant works? (NOW)

The first home owners grant scheme is fully funded by the NSW Government and administered by the Office of State Revenue (OSR). The scheme was established to assist eligible first home owners to purchase a new home or build their home by offering a $15,000 grant. The grant applies to new homes only and does not apply to the purchase of an established home, vacant land, business premises or a holiday house ...

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EVENT: How to buy property with Super

Come and listed to our experts discuss the strategy on 'how to buy property in super'. 

With the recent media buzz around the 'property boom' and changes in the lending and superannuation processes, before you consider buying you must understand how the strategy works and if it is appropriate for you. 

In this educational seminar, the experts will cover off the following;

  • How to put the correct strategy in place?
  • The common mistakes that are made
  • Who the strategy is ...
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Upcoming Events

Here is a list of our upcoming seminars;

Buying Property in your Super (Sydney CBD) - REGISTER HERE

6th Feb | Starting at 6pm (1.5 hours) | Sydney CBD

Come and learn the strategy of how to buy property in your super safely. In this seminar, our experts will cover off the following;

  • What is an SMSF? How do you set it up?
  • What are the costs?
  • What are the risks / benefits?
  • What strategies can you use in your super?


Buying Property ...