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Changes to ANZ post settlement support

ANZ have released some improved post settlement support to make life easier 

From 24 February 2014, we are introducing several new and exciting ways for you and your customers to request simple loan changes for existing ANZ loans. 

At this time, we are also taking the opportunity to expand the request types that are eligible for our streamlined process and will replace the Letter of Offer with a Variation Notice for the majority of request types.   

What are the ways a change can be requested?  

  • You can contact 1800 812 785 and request a change on behalf of your customer. For time critical requests such as variable to fixed, the request will be actioned on the spot! 
  • You can complete and submit the Loan Change Request form to ANZ via email to ServicingNCCRequests@anz.com and it will be actioned within 48 hours. The form will be available under Application Kit & Forms on the broker website or 
  • The customer can contact ANZ directly on 13 25 99 and the request (where possible) will be actioned on the spot

What are the eligible request types?

  • Fixed to Fixed (including fixed rate loans that have rolled over to variable)
  • Variable to Fixed
  • Fixed to Variable
  • Interest Only (I/O) to Principal & Interest (P&I)
  • Interest Only (I/O) extension (with loan term extension* – No LMI). NEW!
  • Principal & Interest (P&I) to Interest Only (I/O) - with loan term extension*. No LMI NEW!
  • Interest in Arrears to Interest in Advance (and vice versa) - with loan term extension*. No LMI NEW!
  • Interest in Advance extensions - with loan term extension*. No LMI NEW!
  • Change Loan Product (home to home or investment to investment)
  • Line of Credit / Equity Manager limit swaps (maximum of two)
  • Loan Splits (maximum of two)
  • Loan Combines (where terms match)  
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