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Doctors and members of the medical profession are known to be low risk borrowers, to have high incomes & because they often approach the bank later for a business loan or investment loans, as they are highly profitable clients. Australian banks therefore favour doctors above all other profession types, and offer them special deals and discounts.

 You may be eligible for special discounts or a lender may waive particular requirements for your loan.

 The secret to getting the best possible interest rate is to apply with the right lender. Each lender has their own pricing strategy, and tends to cut interest rates aggressively when they want more business. However when they are busy they are unlikely to approve a special discount for you.

 As mortgage brokers, we know exactly which banks are trying to win market share by offering special discounts and which lenders are not interested in lowering their rates. In addition to this, the banks offer us competitive discounts right away because they know that if they do not give us a good offer then another bank will!


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