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Our Loan Guide


As a director you should be getting advice that is specific to your profession and there are often mortgage deals for directors that can be used but you need specialist advice. 

You never know when the ups and downs in you business will be so don't assume that you can make payments in the future more easily. You income may increase significantly due to dividend income so it may be wise to choose a product that allows to to pay off capital early without excessive charges.

You can normally borrow about two to three times you regular income before tax or if you are applying jointly then about two and a half time joint income although you may be able to borrow more depending on other regular outgoings.

If your income could be higher going forward, you may look for initial monthly payments as low as can be. You should be considering mortgages with discounted rate offers and discounted rate times as well as extended loan period.

You need to consider housing your assets and loans in Self Managed Superfunds, both from tax effective and asset protection viewpoints.

We understand that Directors  work late into the night so we want to accommodate you by working on your terms, be that face to face or over the phone.

As a busy director we know that you don't  have the time to be searching for the best deals on you mortgage and also that you understand the value of professional advice. All our mortgage brokers have expertise in finding the best deal for director.

To speak to a mortgage broker about specialist information on the mortgages available for a director then please fill out the short enquiry form below.

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