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Read how our mortgage advisers help people like you. We have the experience to help you buy property no matter how complicated your circumstances are.

But more importantly, we understand you have your own needs and that your mortgage is uniquely aligned to your goals. So we make sure you get the loan that’s right for you.

Read how our mortgage advisors help you. We have the experience to help you buy.

Cliffy Rosenberg
MD ANZ and NZ Linked-In Corporation

"Having recently had the pleasure of engaging Sandra as our mortgage broker based on her numerous LinkedIn recommendations I am thrilled to say that she is truly excellent at what she does. Sandra is highly professional and went out of her way to get things done as efficiently and effectively as possible. She also gave me loads of great advice to help me through my first home purchase in Sydney. I would highly recommend Sandra to anyone looking for a great mortgage broker!"

Professor Patrick Brennan
Sydney, Australia

On arriving in Sydney from Europe, I was faced with trying to persuade financial institutions to lend me sufficient money so that I could purchase a property comparable to that our family had in the UK.  Having tried several institutions with no success I contacted Sandra.  She steered me over a myriad of complex and mysterious hurdles and now thanks to her efforts, we have a wonderful home on the North Shore.  During our initial telephone conversation, her enthusiasm, energy, attention to detail and optimism was clear and I came away with a renewed level of confidence.  Her approach is refreshingly efficient, her willingness to respond in detail immediately to any of my petty queries was remarkable and her ability to persuade lending institution personnel is second to none.  I and all the Brennans are extremely grateful to Sandra for the competent, polite, effective and reassuring professional she is. Thanks to Sandra, with this new home, our adventure in Australia now has a firm foundation.

John Gatt
Londonderry, NSW

Over the years that I have known Danny Luu  firstly when he was working for Turner Leasing and now for Liquidity Finance, I have done many business and private  lease transactions through him.I have found that the quotes received have always been quite  competitive and where pricing was a not quite there he has always been able to come back and secure a better deal for me. Danny has always  given that personal touch to each transaction that  has made finalising the transaction a very simple matter

Sofia Mathioudakis
Burwood, NSW

My husband Con and I have been dealing with Danny Luu from Liquidity Finance for the past 5 years as our financial broker. Danny has been very proactive in finding the best loan deal that suited our financial needs. Equally important is that we have found Danny to be very honest and professional in handling our matters.

Ian White
Sydney, Australia

Sandra, we would like to thank you so much for your undying persistence and hard work that you put in to help me achieve buying of my first home. There is no way I could have possibly done this without your help. You helped me by making the confusing world of home loans crystal clear, and tailored a solution to accommodate my particular needs. It is very refreshing to see someone who is willing to go the extra mile, above and beyond and offer some good old fashioned customer service. Well done!

Fergus Curran
Lane Cove

I would not hesitate in recommending Sandra's services as a mortgage broker. Being a first time buyer I  was unfamiliar with the myriad of loans and products available. She took the time to assess my situation and requirements and provide the most suitable options for me. During settlement on my property she looked after the First Home Owner's Grant application and alerted me to a Rate Lock option on my mortgage which has saved me money.

N Miller & P McGeechan
Queensland, Australia

I am a recent client of Sandra Crossland. The level of service that Sandra provided to my husband and I was exceptional. She took a thorough approach to finding the lowest-cost mortgage for our circumstances, and her service was prompt and accurate. In fact, she had done calculations on our current financial situation and located several competitive products to choose from within 24 hours of our first contact with her! Having Sandra as our mortgage broker meant that the process of securing a low-cost mortgage was fast and stress free. This was important to us as we both work full time. As well as tracking down the best deal for us, Sandra's services included applying for the loan, completing paperwork, and liaising with solicitors and various financial institutions on our behalf. This freed us up to concentrate on finding the right property for our investment portfolio. We intend for Sandra to be part of our team for all future property investments.